Steve Calvert
General Manager
Steve has been in the motor industry for over 30 years now, most of that front of house, although can often be caught in the workshop under a car.  Steve will work with you to build the right solution for your car and your pocket.
He looks scary but in reality really isn't.

Maria Quicke
Business Manager
Maria was there on day one with her brother Steve, so has all the historical knowledge on how the garage runs.  Maria usually sits in the top office keeping the day to day business in check, she will occasionally be seen in reception covering time out for Steve or Mark.
Mark Trimnell
Customer Care
Mark has worked with us now for 5 years, Mark will look after you as soon as you walk into reception.  He loves a chat on just about anything (normally food), please feel free to remind him you are there to have your car seen to.
MOT Tester
Rob was there at the beginning and is part of our history.  Rob is the lead MOT tester and also gets involved in the servicing and repairs if the rest of the team need some support.

Shane always seems to get the heavy stuff to do, doesn't grumble just gets on with it, he is a "Grafter".  Often seen out and about towing in breakdowns for us.  
Brian started with us as a mature apprentice, although there is nothing mature about Brian.  He brings the humor to the workshop, and is obsessed in spending his wages on restoring beat up old cars.